Raman reflector kit

All AFMs of the JPK NanoWizard® product family can be equipped with the Raman reflector kit in order to enable TERS measurements on opaque samples.

Application fields

  • Single molecules such as DNA or proteins
  • Organic thin film composition studies
  • Biomaterials surface properties
  • Properties of chemical modified surfaces
  • Geological materials


  • Compatible with common inverted microscope Raman spectrometer setups
  • Sample holder:
    • Raman reflector kit sample holder
  • Stages:
    • JPK TAO™ modules
  • Objective lenses:
    • e.g. Olympus LMPLFLN50x 0.5NA 10.6 mm WD
    • Similar objective lenses from other suppliers are possible


Raman Reflector Kit